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From the desk of the President Bishop Vandy L. Colter III, Ph.D.

Dear Perspective New Student,

Congratulations on clicking this link which is taking your first step towards your college degree! It would be my pleasure to welcome you to the North Carolina College of Theology at Kingdom Covenant Campus, a satellite extension of North Carolina College of Theology. Should you decide to join our prestigious student ranks it will be one of the most exciting decisions of your life. We pray that you discover the joy of realizing your academic and spiritual goals with us.

We know that you will be challenged, educated and blessed by our adult accelerated learning curriculum. Our classes are one night a week from Sept. to May. Myself being alumni of NCCT, I can assure you the decision to matriculate here will be a good one. You will learn, you will be increase your biblical understanding, and you will grow!

Our classes are perfect for hands on learning and will allow you the needed attention for success. Coming to college is a big step and we recognize the investment this requires as a student for your family. We have very affordable tuition and fees. If you would like, you can break your tuition fees down over the school year in either 6 or 8 easy low payments. Our accreditation ranks with the nations best seminary/bible colleges. We are dedicated to serve your educational needs and insure that your learning experience will be wonderful. If you need anything please call our office at 877.256.2677.

On Behalf of our staff and myself again, we hope to see you this semester.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Vandy L. Colter III Ph.D., President

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